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The system has been attacked.  The CPU is in danger.   They are gradually becoming more aggressive, and we can't take anymore hits... It's up to you now!

Breach is essentially a unique take on the tower defense genre.  You have to use your mouse to endlessly destroy enemies.  At the same time, more enemies are created, they become faster, and you have one question to ask yourself: "How long will I last?"

See how many viruses you can destroy in BREACH, a tower defense + survival combination.

Install instructions

  1. Extract the .zip File to a Folder
  2. Open the Folder
  3. Read the .txt File
  4. Double-Click "breach.exe"
  5. Enjoy!


breach.zip 2 MB


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Heyo! This was a pretty fun demo.

I got to about 14XX. Wasn't sure how to get out without F4, but it was pretty nice and intuitive even without doing the tutorial (so points for that!) and fun game

Intermissions were funny but also a little frustrating. I don't know if that was on purpose or not.

I'd be be curious to see how this looks as a fuller experience with more enemy patterning (I got to the point of three spawners at once) and maybe some obstacles, powerups or powerdowns for the cursor; there's some great potential for messing with geometry here.

Thanks for the feedback!

I was planning to add a lot more, especially with intermission being a store, but I ran out of time due to me entering this in a game jam.

I’m not really working on it anymore but I would if people are really interested in it.

Great feedback— thanks!